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A Melody of Memories

Hear the Melody of Dawn

2 October
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사람과 사람 사이엔, 작은 문이 하나 있어요.

감히 들어 갈 수도 없고, 잘 열리지도 않았어요.

I'm a very hyper, active. happy-go-lucky, sugar addict, candy loving girl. I don't like roses so don't ever get me roses especially red ones at that, and my absolutely FAVOURITE types of chocolate are Ferrero Rocher, Ferrero Garden & Ferrero Rondnoir.

I like to shop for what girls usually shop around for...but if you come shopping with me... guarantee you won't find yourself waiting hours and hours for me in a clothing store...instead you'll find me spending more time in music stores and/or stores that deals with candy and cute things such as Hello Kitty~ you'll also find me in the kitchen, as I like to cook & bake from time to time. Nothing to fancy though I might add.
I'm also the type of girl, who just can't seem to sit still. Not sure if I have ADD...haven't checked but whatever~ I love traveling and exploring different places. So if you're up for some traveling or just some physical sports, hiking, etc. call me up!