Chapter 7.1: Mom's Arrival, Mid Autumn's Festival & My 24th Birthday...

Hello Everyone!

This is a somewhat late post, but I hope everyone had a very HAPPY MID-AUTUMN'S FESTIVAL as well as a HAPPY THANKSGIVING! My apologies (yet again) for the late update, as many things had happened in the past month or so. As you can already tell by the title of this post...this is going to be about my MOMMY! In short, yes. Haha!

So again those who follow me on facebook/twitter and/or instagram should have seen that my mom was in town a while ago. She came to visit for the Mid-Autumns Festival but also just in time to celebrate my 24th birthday! Yes, that is right everyone...I am now...a year older. Twenty-four years I have been living and hopefully will continue living more than that! Haha! Ok~ maybe that wasn't so funny as I thought it would've been in my head. I swear, my humour is getting worse and worse...hold up! I never had much of a humour...hmmm

ANYWAYS, in all honesty, I was a little stressed out when my mom arrived into town but it was a good type of stress. I stress over the stupidest things ever. Seriously. I was constantly worried whether my mom was truly enjoying her time here and if there was anything that she truly really wanted to eat/do during her short stay in South Korea. At the same time, I was EXTREMELY excited for her to come! My mom and I never really got along growing up, but though we may be different...we also had a lot of similarities...more like there were still quite a lot of traits that I took after her aside from the looks. (wink)
Honestly, during the two years I've been in Seoul, I can honestly say that I really do miss my mother. During her time here in Seoul I wanted to spend the WHOLE entire time with her, but she was constantly reminding me that I have a life here in Seoul too! I have friends and a boyfriend (haha) that also needed my attention. A balance was needed. Though my mom and I have our differences, she knows me like no other. I can try and hide ALL that I am truly feeling, put on a smile and yet she can still tell from looking at my eyes when I am truly happy, sad, frustrated, or angry. The short amount of time I spent with my mom, we talked and talked. Everything we talked about was not only about the obvious facts such as: how I'm EXACTLY like my dad when it comes to my personality and how I look EXTREMELY similar to my mom, in appearance. But! We dug deeper than that. There were the little things that people don't tend to see, and it was in those little details that we both realized that we weren't as different as we always thought that we were.

Its funny how I started dating that my mom and I began having MORE topics to talk about. It wasn't about how my brother was and blah blah blah~ but there were some VERY personal topics, which was refreshing but at the same time comforting.  I don't know about you and how your relationship is like with your parents, but my mom and I CONSTANTLY fought when I was a kid growing up. My mom knew what I liked and what I didnt like (materialistically wise), but when it came to how I process my thoughts, how I do things, etc. It seemed like she completely did not understand. I don't blame her...well not I don't haha! As a kid I did, because it just felt like my mom only cared for the younger one...I love him, but he was still a pain growing up. So much love and hate ahaha! So when we talked about the good ol'days during the week that she came over, there was an understanding and I guess everything my dad said was right! Then again, there hasn't been a thing that my dad has told me that was wrong. Indeed, fathers are full of wisdom but so are mothers! My dad once told me that in due time, as you get older...there will be things that will become clear to you. Not only the vision that you have for your future, but why and how your parents treat you. The reasons behind the things they did...and so this was a time that I started to understand the things my mom did and said.

I always felt that its my responsibility to take care of my mom and her needs, ever since the day my dad has passed away. It was during this trip that my mom told me that I don't have to constantly blame myself for not doing what I thought I "should" be doing. All she really needed was to know that I am happy, well, pursuing my dreams and from time to time call her and tell her how much I miss and love her. Although it's only been a year since he passed away, but there's not a moment that I don't miss him. Not a moment that I don't blame myself for not being able to be there when he breathed his last. I never shared it to my family at all because I felt that I "needed" to be strong. I "needed" to keep calm and press on. I tried my best to suppress the feeling of guilt that I had. I felt that I disappointed my dad and my family because I wasn't there when they needed me most. It was during this trip that my mom shared (and of course we cried like no other) that she knew I was blaming myself for everything and honestly since we're on the topic...not only did I blame myself, but I also blamed my dad. I blame him for breaking his promises that he had with me. Things like walking me down the aisle, etc. Those will never be fulfilled because he's not here no more. Though I know he's in a better place now, it still hurts and I don't think the pain will ever go away. Even as time passes, the pain will always be there. Anyways, if I keep going on it'll start be me talking about my dad, but basically summing up the week was me bringing my mom around, spending time with her talking and crying over things, her getting to know my boyfriend more, and just having a great time together. If there's anything that I want to do for my to fulfil dads promise to her in traveling to Europe. I don't know how, or when this will be....but it will be done. #familygoal

Here are some pictures that I took with and of my mom during her time here in Seoul!

MISSION: Pick up Mama Chow at Incheon Airport - SUCCESSFUL!

MISSION: Show Mama Chow's cute side - SUCCESSFUL!

MISSION: Try this TIRAMISU ice cream that ALWAYS have a LONG line! - SUCCESSFUL!
PS this was ON the day of my birthday, talk about #blessed

MISSION: Show the similarities thats beyond what eyes can see~ - SUCCESSFUL!

Smiling elegantly (hiding our personalities)                                    Displaying mother-daughter love                              


How we actually act (on a daily basis)                         This is our REAL way of expressing love

As shown above, my personality may indeed be EXACTLY like my dad but! There's traits of my mom's craziness that flows pretty deep in my blood. Haha! Well that about wraps up this post about my mom.


There's still about my birthday! Well, about that....let's just say I had an EXTREMELY blessed 24th birthday. More than I can ever ask for! As someone who has never had a successful birthday party, I'd say it was PERFECT! Dinner with my family (Phoebe, Emman, Mom and Tony). Partied with my friends, and lastly had a caring and loving boyfriend who stayed by my side to take care of me...YEP! DEFINITELY blessed! There were a few hiccups here and there, but hey! What's life without a few roadblocks right? Over all, this time around I think it's safe to say I've grown up a little more compared to before. Expanding my inner eye and understanding things that I never could regardless of how hard I tried. Honestly, so much shit (excuse my language) has happened in the past 2 years and I can say that it has definitely broaden my way of thinking and it's shocking, but I'd say that I'm pretty excited to see what else life has in store for me. There WILL be downs and it will seem like that...thats all there is in my life, but when there's downs, theres the ups in life too! The downs are there to help train you to see WHAT were the ups in life. Its a very interesting and amusing cycle don't you think?

Anyways, before I end this are some more pictures heh heh heh!
WARNING! There will be food pictures below...viewers discretion is advised.


                                                                     O'sulloc Tea                                             Scenery from the Hotel room    

Glass Museum

Seafood dinner for 2 (we were so full, but! We KILLED it!)


My favourite brunch place~ simple but NOM-LICIOUS!

(October 2 - BIRTHDAY)

12169059_10156159416215344_802363460_o.jpgHUGE THANK YOUs to: VANESSA/@bebe_swtz, ANNA/@anna.wc.chu, WILSON, SUNSY, CHRISTINE, SARAH/@says_rah, TRINA/@, DANIKA, JANICE, MICHAEL Z, JOHNNY/@jcheng1993, KAILYNN/@haihaikaikai, JOYCE, ALEX/@chachang8, and AMY! THANK YOU ALL~ for constantly being there and encouraging me when I needed it most! I am like the most blessed gal ever! Thank you soo much!!!!! 😘😘😘😘😘.....From #YEG #Alberta #Edmonton to #Seoul_Korea #서울_한국 #韓国_ソウル #happybirthday #생일축하해요 #お誕生日おめでとうございます #happybirthdaytome #october2 #thankyou #ありがとう #감사합니다 #friends #友達 #친구 #birthdaypresents  #생일선물 #誕生日プレゼント #love #愛 #사랑 #enjoythelittlethings #instadaily #스타그램 #スターグラム #D2DTravelBlog #DawnTravelBlog

My BELOVED 24th birthday presents!
So thankful for everyones birthday wishes and their sincere thoughts!

The last day, we had mango coconut shaved ice.

Prayer Request:
Please pray that He will continue to lay His healing hands over Phoebe and her stomach.
She had lost approximately 12lbs in a short period of time due to an inflammation of her colon. She is currently recovering steadily, but continue to pray for healing over her.

Thank you!
Once again, I know there's no need for me to say it but I will say it anyways because I MEAN IT!